Ford Mustang’s 50th Birthday


Produced at: Digital Kitchen
Client: Ford
Role: Concept, Design
We drew on the history, community and inheritance of the Mustang to celebrate this iconic car’s 50th birthday. 
What do those of us who grew up with drive-in theaters, drag races and Shelbys tell those around us? What do those of us who grew up with Vanilla Ice and 5.0 tell our children? What do those of us who don’t care about cars, engines or Mustangs share with each other? The goal with this website was to create a lasting platform of conversation, common memories and vision for the new Americana via the Mustang. These stories and experiences that bridge our generations are where we find fertile common ground to celebrate…Happy birthday you old dog, you.

Ford Mustang's 50th Birthday
Ford Mustang's 50th Birthday